A great opportunity to introduce coaching

What Makes Great Software Applications?


A great opportunity to introduce coaching

What Makes Great Software Applications?



What software applications do you like? Why do you like them?

Chances are, you’re enamored with those that make your life easier, and those that simply work. Great apps aren’t buggy, you don’t have to wait for them to load, and above all, they don’t halt you midway through a demanding task.

To everybody’s benefit, quite a few professional apps fit the bill and offer user experience (UX) that may save you a couple of hours every week. And, on closer examination, all these software applications share certain traits that make them great.

Keep reading to find out what they are.

Great Apps Are Built With Aim

Although it may sound like a South-East Asian outsourcing company tagline, the aim is one of the most important characteristics of a business app. A piece of software built with an aim feels natural to use, offers a suite of functions organized in an intuitive way, and its performance is reliable.

Depending on the software, this may mean different things. For example, quite a few design professionals use Adobe Suite for seamless file management between different apps. Plus, the software interface follows the same logic through the suite.

Certain CAD tools, CRM software, and FinTech offer an open customizable set of functions and features that automate and/or expedite much of the tasks. This also applies to Adobe, but it just scratches the surface of software architecture that’s designed to impress.

Software Agility – Code That’s Elegant and Nimble

At the backend of an elegant app lie numerous lines of code, programmed and classified according to specific principles. The syntax is free from redundant lines and it’s easy to debug the software. Ideally, there should be a one-click button or option to hit debug, clear cache, or soft reset.

Agile software has the ability to seamlessly change and scale to the new demands within business settings. This means it’s easy to add new features and functions and customize the apps to specific business needs. In some cases, this can be done on the spot without the help of an IT team.

As for scalability, great software applications can be easily expanded to accept a large pool of users. More importantly, these apps perform the same with ten or ten thousand users. With this in mind, the quality of an app can also be measured by the time it takes for the app to respond to an interaction.

UI – The Face of a Great App

Aside from the bulletproof backend architecture, the UI (user interface) has become the most important aspect of an app. As indicated, great apps offer UI that feels natural to use. This means the interface is laid out in a logical order and the key features are easily accessible.

In fact, UI design is both art and science, with developers constantly trying to streamline the front end. As with the backend, the idea is to allow users to speed up their workflow and present output information that’s easy to understand and interpret.

For example, you might be using some sort of CRM software to keep track of your clients. And it’s safe to assume that this software automatically analyzes data and presents it in easy-to-understand graphs, charts, and tables. Needless to say, your job would be much harder if it all came in Excel spreadsheets.

Auxiliary Features

A great software app also needs to come with 24/7 support and offer straightforward maintenance. Luckily, most vendors go the extra mile in this regard. In addition, app maintenance can also be done remotely.

This may affect the price of an app, especially if you’re paying for the annual license. But rest assured, your money is well spent because snappy troubleshooting and maintenance prevents costly production delays.

Software Application Perfection

When selecting a great app for your business, first you need to assess the business needs. Then take a close look at the app’s features, UI, and extra services that come provided. Plus, it wouldn’t hurt to test the app for a while to determine if it fits your needs.


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