Blockchain Masterclass

Blockchain Masterclass

Blockchain Masterclass


With strategic industry and academic collaborations, the Blockchain Masterclass by Dynamik Technologies aims to become the national and regional centre of excellence offering affordable programs and certifications to empower local talents on blockchain.

According to the report by PWC’s ‘Time for trust’ on industry technology trends highlighted that the Healthcare, Government & Public Services, Manufacturing & Retail, Finance & Logistics industries are expected to contribute to the national GDP globally using blockchain by the year 2030.

As the world digital economy adopts blockchain technology, this opportunity is for you! Join the Blockchain Masterclass, starting with Brunei’s first tailored Blockchain Developer course! Discover new horizons at your own pace with an online on-demand 11 video modules, with active mentorship and support sessions with Dynamik Technologies. The course content is developed jointly by Dynamik Technologies, the ConsenSys Academy, the Etherium Foundation, the University of California and Coursera, and in compliance to the Brunei ICT Industry Competency Framework (BIICF).

Course Structure

  • About This Course
  • Why Learn Blockchain?
  • Tips for This Course
  • Technical Requirements
  • Communication Tools
  • Keeping Up with Blockchain Developments
  • For Advanced Students
  • What’s Exciting About Blockchain
  • A Paper Blockchain
  • Introduction
  • Decentralizing Identity: Public Key Cryptography
  • Additional Material: Working with Private and Public Keys
  • Decentralizing File Integrity: Hash Functions
  • Additional Material: Hash Functions
  • Decentralizing Intent: Digital Signatures
  • Additional Material: Digital Signatures
  • Cryptography Fundamentals Playground
  • Historical Background: When Asymmetric Cryptography Was Almost Made Illegal
  • Video: The Crypto Wars of the 1990s
  • Decentralizing Coordination: Consensus
  • Additional Material: Consensus
  • External Resource: The Secret Lived of Data: Raft Algorithm
  • Trustless Consensus
  • What is a Block?
  • A Chain of Blocks
  • Proof of Work in Ethereum
  • What is a Blockchain Fork?
  • Other Blockchain Consensus Mechanisms
  • Consensus Conclusion
  • The Mental Model for Basic Blockchain Architecture
  • Configurations for Different Blockchain Networks
  • Public and Private Blockchains
  • When To Use a Blockchain?
  • History and Development of Bitcoin
  • What is a Crypto Wallet
  • Introduction to MetaMask
  • How Does MetaMask Keep Your Wallet Safe?
  • Secure, Extensible Javascript: How MetaMask is Locking In and Building Out
  • How To Stay Safe Using Cryptocurrencies
  • Chapter 1 Test (Graded)
  • Ethereum Background and History
  • Identity on Ethereum: Externally Owned Accounts (EOAs) and Smart Contracts
  • Generating Ethereum Addresses
  • Nodes
  • Transactions
  • Gas and Fees
  • Ethereum Structure
  • Sending Transactions
  • Merkle Trees
  • Playing with Merkle Trees
  • EIP-1559
  • What is an Ethereum Client? Running Go-Ethereum (Geth)
  • Smart Contracts: What Are They? How Do They Fit In Our Mental Model?
  • Smart Contracts and the EVM
  • Introduction to Remix
  • Introduction to Truffle Suite — Part 1
  • Introduction to Truffle Suite — Part 2
  • Solidity Background and Context
  • Solidity Data Types and Variables
  • Solidity Functions
  • Solidity Storage and Memory
  • Solidity Contract Structure
  • Smart Contract ABI
  • Solidity Events and Logs
  • Solidity Factory Contracts
  • (EXTERNAL) Solidity by Example (solidity-by-example.org/)
  • Python in Ethereum: Background and Context
  • Vyper Overview
  • Design Patterns: Introductory Smart Contracts
  • Inter-Contract Execution — Part 1
  • Inter-Contract Execution — Part 2
  • Inheritance and Interfaces
  • Off-Chain Oracles
  • Access Control Design Patterns
  • General Finance and Access Control: Multi-Sig Tutorial
  • Upgradable Contracts
  • Additional Material: Upgradable Contracts
  • Optimizing Gas
  • Smart Contract System Design
  • Tutorial: Proof of Existence
  • Simple Bank Exercise (Graded)
  • Supply Chain Exercise (Graded)
  • Solidity Test (Graded)
  • Smart Contract Test (Graded)
  • Smart Contract Best Practices
  • Solidity Pitfalls and Attacks
  • Smart Contract Pitfalls and Attacks
  • Smart Contract Safety Checklist
  • origin Attack Demo
  • Denial of Service Attack Example
  • Reentrancy Attack Example
  • Integer Under- / Overflow Example
  • Security: Introduction to Diligence, MythX and Scribble
  • Scribble to Start Fuzzing
  • Other Security Options
  • Where Do Users Fit In Our Mental Model?
  • Features of Decentralized Application Development
  • Traditional vs Decentralized Development
  • Agnostic Developer Workflow
  • Web 3 Javascript Libraries (Web3.js and ethers.js)
  • Connecting to a Smart Contract Using Web3.js
  • Introduction to Infura
  • TDD and Truffle Tests
  • Truffle Debugger, Configuration, Mainnet Forking
  • Other Development Tools: Hardhat, Scaffold-Eth, Brownie
  • Building a Frontend Interface with React and Truffle
  • State Management in a Dapp with web3-react
  • Introduction to “Second-Order Effects”
  • What is DeFi?
  • Key Terms
  • What are Stablecoins?
  • NFTs: More than Solidity Code
  • What are Wrapped Tokens?
  • What are DEXes?
  • What are AMMs?
  • What are RFQs?
  • Oracles Revisited
  • What are DeFi Lending Markets?
  • What are Governance Tokens?
  • Introduction to MetaMask Swaps
  • What are DAOs?
  • Build a DAO
  • Manage a DAO
  • Introduction to IPFS
  • Filecoin
  • Ethereum Name Service
  • The Graph
  • Zero-Knowledge Proofs
  • Overview of L2 Solutions
  • Types of L2 Solutions
  • Rubric for Evaluating L2 Solutions
  • L2 Examples: Optimism
  • Optimism
  • Arbitrum
  • Crosschain and Interoperability
  • History and Roadmap
  • Key Terms
  • Future Considerations

Course Date

There will be two intakes a year taking in place in January and July.

January/ FebruaryOctober 2022 – January 2023
July/ AugustMay 2023 – July 2023

Course Pricing

All prices in Brunei Dollar (BND). Register for Blockchain Masterclass or contact our course coordinator if you have any enquiry.

Individual B$1,097
Group (Minimum of 3 persons enrolling together)B$997/person

Facilitator Profiles

Trainers profile picture

Application Development Lead

Ang Chee Keong

Advanced software engineering postgraduate with passion in Blockchain Technology.
Trainers profile picture

Application Development Analyst

Alice Takoh

Majored in Computer Science and a Blockchain enthusiast.

Application Development Analyst

Adib Sazali

An application developer having interest to contribute to the Blockchain community.

Instructor Profiles

Trainer Profile Picture

Senior Technical Trainer and Director of Academy

Tom Hay

Graduate of MIT and with ConsenSys since 2017, Tom is a senior trainer and blockchain developer.
Trainer Profile Picture

Technical Trainer

Coogan Brennan

Coogan is a software developer, long-time contributor to the blockchain community, and prolific technical writer.
Trainer Profile Picture

Instructor and Community Builder

Robert Kruszynski

Robert (Robbie) is an instructor with ConsenSys Academy and a Community Builder with the ConsenSys Developer Relations team.


Become a Certified Blockchain Developer

Developers with programming experience in Java Script, HTML, object-oriented programing and general web development  are highly encouraged.