Blockchain Masterclass

Blockchain Masterclass

Blockchain Masterclass


With strategic industry and academic collaborations, the Blockchain Masterclass by Dynamik Technologies aims to become the national and regional centre of excellence offering affordable programs and certifications to empower local talents on blockchain.

According to the report by PWC’s ‘Time for trust’ on industry technology trends highlighted that the Healthcare, Government & Public Services, Manufacturing & Retail, Finance & Logistics industries are expected to contribute to the national GDP globally using blockchain by the year 2030.

As the world digital economy adopts blockchain technology, this opportunity is for you! Join the Blockchain Masterclass, starting with Brunei’s first tailored Blockchain Developer course! Discover new horizons at your own pace with an online on-demand 11 video modules, with active mentorship and support sessions with Dynamik Technologies and International Blockchain Developers. The course content is developed jointly by Dynamik Technologies, the ConsenSys Academy, the Etherium Foundation, the University of California and Coursera, and in compliance to the Brunei ICT Industry Competency Framework (BIICF).

Course Structure

1.1 Distributed Ledgers

1.2 Consensus Mechanisms

1.3 Mining in Ethereum

1.4 Public and Private Blockchains

1.5 Distributed Ledger Platforms

2.1 Cryptographic Hash Functions

2.2 Public Key Cryptography

2.3 Merkle Trees

2.4 Blockchain Structure

2.5 Smart Contracts

2.6 Nodes

2.7 Blockchain Forks

3.1 Accounts

3.2 Transactions

3.3 Gas and Fees

3.4 Ethereum Structure

3.5 Externally Owned Accounts & Ethereum Transactions

3.6 Generating Ethereum Addresses

*[BIICF Application Development]

4.1 Decentralized Application Development

4.2 Similarities and Differences

4.3 Development Environment Setup Options

4.4 Key Developer Tools

4.5 Installing and Using Geth

4.6 Connecting to a testnet

4.7 Geth PoA Private Network Tutorial

*[BIICF Application Development | BIICF User Interface Design – Metamask]

5.1 Ganache, Metamask and Truffle

5.2 Development Workflow

5.3 Development Environment

5.4 Project Structure

6.1 Data Types and Variables

6.2 Functions

6.3 Storage and Memory

6.4 Contract Structure

6.5 Reading Smart Contracts with Remix

6.6 Smart Contract ABI

6.7 Events and Logs

6.8 Factory Contracts

*[BIICF Software Configuration | BIICF Software Design | BIICF Problem Solving]

7.1 Introductory Smart Contracts

7.2 Inter-Contract Execution

7.3 Inheritance

7.4 Libraries and the Ethereum Package Manager

7.5 Smart Contract System Design

7.6 Writing a Smart Contract (Proof of Existence Exercise)

7.7 Deeper into Smart Contracts (Multi-Signature Wallet Exercise)

7.8 Debugging Truffle Tests

7.9 Practice Writing Smart Contracts

7.10 Check Your Work

*[BIICF Quality Standards | BIICF Applications Integration]

8.1 Web 3.0, Web3.js JavaScript Library & Contract Connection

8.2 Building Truffle for the Web

8.3 Integrating with React, using Rimble UI

*[BIICF Security Architecture | BIICF Software Testing]

9.1 Writing Tests & Catching Solidity Errors in Truffle Tests

9.2 Smart Contract Best Practices

9.3 Exploits and Dangers

9.4 Optimizing Gas

9.5 Safety Checklist

9.6 Security Analysis Tools

9.7 Attack Demos (Denial of Service, Reentrancy & Integer Over/Underflow)

*[BIICF Applications Support and Enhancement]

10.1 Smart Contract Design Patterns

10.2 The Ethereum Name Service

10.3 Introduction to IPFS

10.4 Upgradable Contracts

10.5 Oracles with Rhombus (Network and Tutorial)

10.6 Formal Verification

10.7 What are Zero-Knowledge Proofs?


* IPFS (InterPlanetary File System is a protocol and peer-to-peer network for storing and sharing data in a distributed file system)

*[BIICF Applications Support and Enhancement]

11.1 Introduction to Vyper & Writing Ethereum Smart Contracts in Vyper

11.2 Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs)

Course Date

The deadline for enrolment is 30 November 2022 with classes beginning on 9 January 2023.

There will be two intakes a year taking in place in January and July.

Course Pricing

All prices in Brunei Dollar (BND). Register for Blockchain Masterclass or contact our course coordinator if you have any enquiry.

Individual B$1,097
Group (Minimum of 3 persons enrolling together)B$997/person


Trainers profile picture

Application Development Lead

Ang Chee Keong

Advanced software engineering postgraduate with passion in Blockchain Technology.
Trainers profile picture

Application Development Analyst

Alice Takoh

Majored in Computer Science and a Blockchain enthusiast.

Application Development Analyst

Adib Sazali

An application developer having interest to contribute to the Blockchain community.


Become a Certified Blockchain Developer

Developers with programming experience in Java Script, HTML, object-oriented programing and general web development  are highly encouraged.