Goals For Education



Dynamik Technologies has teamed up with the telco Progresif to launch a donation campaign that will help purchase online learning devices for students.

The donation drive, dubbed ‘Goals for Education – Your Goals Matter for their Goals’, was launched last July 2020 to provide students with technology access that supports their virtual learning needs and to support the online learning initiatives and bridge the technological gap among students.


BND $48,067.71 28%
Amount collected so far: B$48,067.71


What is the purpose of Goals for Education?

Online learning was implemented for all educational institutions in the nation by the Ministry of Education in early April in light of the COVID-19 outbreak in Brunei Darussalam. Even though Brunei Darussalam has been successful in flattening the curve and some students have even returned to school, there are still students at various levels who are required to undergo online learning.

This campaign addresses the individuals or families who may not be able to fully afford the means for their children to carry out their online learning. Through this campaign, we are raising money to purchase the necessary devices to help lessen the burden of these families.

Where will the proceeds from Goals for Education campaign go?

The money raised from this campaign will go directly towards purchasing new laptops, tablets, computers, and other devices for students to carry out their online learning at home.

Can i donate my old laptop instead of donating cash?

At the moment, we only accept donations via Progresif Pay and BIBD Online. If you wish to donate your old or refurbished laptop, you may do so directly to the Ministry of Education.

How long will Goals for Education campaign be carried out?

The campaign will start on 01 July and ends on 31 December 2020.

How do I make my payment for the donation?

You can make your donation via Progresif Pay and BIBD Online.

Can I donate more than BND5?

Yes, you can donate more than the stipulated amount. We thank you in advance for your kind and generous support.

Will we know how much donation has been collected by the end of the campaign?

We will update you with the latest progress of the donation amount raised via Goals For Education Instagram (@goalsforeducationbn).

Who can I contact if I need further information about this campaign?

You can send us a direct message on Instagram or you can send an email to cmc@dynamiktechnologies.com.bn.

What do I need to do for the 555 Challenge?

All you need to do is to score 5 goals as creatively as you can, donate BND5 via Progresif PAY  or BIBD Online and tag 5 others on Instagram to do the same.

Do I need to upload the video on Instagram?

Yes, you can upload the video on your Instagram account, tag @goalsforeducationbn and use the hashtag #goalsforeducationbn. Also, tag 5 friends or family members to participate in the challenge.  Please be sure to set your account settings to public so we can view the video.

Please take note that all videos uploaded during this campaign may be used for promotional purposes.

What if I just donate without scoring goals and uploading the video or photo on Instagram?

Yes, you may donate without participating in the challenge but you will not be eligible to get a chance to win an exclusive prize. However, we encourage you to help us spread the message further by sharing the poster and nominating five of your friends to also take part and donate.

Does it have to be football? Can it be other items such as basketball, tennis ball, etc?

While football is a popular sport in Brunei and globally, you can score goals in various other ways as long as it is appropriate and safe!

Can we play collectively with other team members?

Yes, you can either play as an individual or together with your friends or family.

What does a company or organization need to do?

To participate, a company or organization donates to the Goals for Education cause and tags another company or organization to do the same!  Once you have made the donation, you can either upload your own photo or use the template design we have provided to your social media  and tag @goalsforeducationbn and the organisation of your choice. You can send the details of your donation to +6738232230 or email cmc@dynamiktechnologies.com.bn.


Faizul, can you clarify on this please? Which template design are we referring to?

Is there a minimum amount for the company or organization to donate?

The minimum donation amount for the 1Co Challenge is BND250


What happens if I turn down the nomination?

If you wish to decline once you’ve been nominated, we respect your decision and thank you for your kind consideration.

How do I know which company or organization will be participating in this challenge?

All the supporting companies will be posted on Goals for Education Instagram account (@goalsforeducationbn) and this will be regularly updated.

Can I nomintae the same company or organization twice?

You can but we are aiming for a wider outreach, please also tag companies or organizations that would love to be a part of this cause.

How should the donation be paid if it is a substantial donation?

Please make cheques payable to (Progresif Sdn Bhd) and inform us for cheque collection.