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Dynamik Bench

Dynamik Bench

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Launched of The ASEAN Digital Credentials Platform
Office Expansion

to Knowledge HUB (k-HUB), Anggerek Desa Tech Park

Launch of EBODE by Dynamik Technologies

A Digital Audio Tour Guide content creator

Implementation of One Common Portal

A single platform to manage business filings & obligations online; from business registration and company incorporation to managing the business such as updating business details and filing corporate tax.

JobCentre Brunei System Upgrade
Implementation and Maintenance of the Central Data Management System

Centralising data of various systems in the Brunei Government and providing value added reports.

Implementation of Sistem Sumber Manusia
Implementation and Maintenance of Sistem Kebajikan Negara

Online and streamlined application process for welfare applicants in Brunei Darussalam Reducing multiple dipping and providing transparency through a centralized database and using management information to determine programs to assist in minimizing poverty.

Decoupling of the Joint Venture

Rebranding of BAG Networks to Dynamik Technologies.

Redevelopment of Wells Management System

Deployed new and improved WAMS and DURDAT applications for BSP.

Implementation of the SAP Enterprise Learning Solution and Integration with SAPHRON

Capabilities include tying competencies to training, course scheduling, course evaluation reviews, learners assistance and management information.

Implementation and Maintenance of Deposit Protection System

Comprehensive system to protect depositors for the Brunei Darussalam Deposit Protection Corporation.

Front-end interface of SAP HR System to latest SAPUI5 interface

Upgrade included improved user interface and user experience with easier and simpler navigation for all employees in BSJV.

Launch of CENDANA

A Business suite to support operations of various sized organizations including micro, small and medium enterprises.

Implementation and Maintenance of the integrated financial Management System and IT infrastructure Consolidation

Replacement of current MOFIC system and incorporated automated business workflow processing and interfacing into existing systems and centralization of IT infrastructure combined with a virtualized platfrom ensuring scalability for Authoriti Monetari Brunei Darussalam.

Implementation of Technology Upgrade and its Maintenance

Leveraging on the latest technology and products to support RBTS' growing business needs with highly available, highlight efficient and secure systems.

Office Relocation

Relocated from The Empire Brunei to the Design and Technology Building at Anggerek Desa Tech Park.

Implementation and Maintenance of the Registry of Companies and Business Names

An online business registration system with one day approval (75% faster) contributing to Ease of Doing Business rankings.

Integrated Activity Planner (IAP)

Developed and implemented IAP Change Request System locally in BSP to support the Integrated Activity Plan Change Control Procedure and simplified integration and increased business process flexibility.

Maintenance Integrity Execution (MIE)

Outsourced competent local resources to support various improvement initiatives in MIE in BSP.

Implementation and Maintenance of the Tax Administration and Revenue System

Self-service online system for Taxpayers and Tax professionals to enhance and streamline the tax administration process, and to provide taxpayers with greater flexibility to perform their tax obligations efficiently helped to reduce tax preparation time by 55 hours (equivalent to a 38% improvement)

Office Relocation

Relocated from the Ministry of Finance & Economy to The Empire Brunei

Implementation and Maintenance of the Government Human Resource Management System

Enabling the effective management of the employee lifecycle through automation of HR processes and administration across the civil service workforce.

Appointed Experienced Local CEO

Haslina Taib was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer.

Implementation and Maintenance of a General Ledger

Developed to manage the general ledger and financial reporting requirements for the Authoriti Monetari Brunei Darussalam.

Office Relocation

Relocated from the Secretariat Office to the Ministry of Finance & Economy on Commonwealth Drive.

Implementation and Maintenance of the First National Flagship Project

The Treasury System for the Brunei Government was implemented intended to facilitate the payment process, allowance and services.

Joint Venture (JV) between the Brunei Government and Accenture

Brunei Accenture Group (BAG Networks) was established.


At Dynamik Technologies, we care about the environment and we love going to the parks. In collaboration with the Department of Environment, Parks and Recreation; we are happy to present a solar-powered smart bench, located at the centre of Taman Mahkota Jubli Emas.

Environmental Sustainability

#DynamikBench is integrated with solar panels to generate clean and renewable energy, reducing the reliance on traditional energy sources and minimizing the carbon footprint.

Technological Innovation

Equipped with various technological features; this includes, USB charging ports, wireless charging pads, and Wi-fi connectivity.

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