The Dynamik Story

Dynamik Technologies is built on firm foundations in proven processes, constantly improved assets, trusted partnerships, cutting edge technology, experienced and skilled people; we confidently forge forward to improve and positively impact our communities and the lives of everyone, contribute to developing skills and stimulate the economy.

Established as a joint venture between the Brunei Government and Accenture in 2001, we are now fully owned by the Brunei Government since 2018.

Firm Foundations, Forging Forward


Over the years, we have built robust processes. As programmers, we believe in creating seamless user experiences to enable efficiency and productivity. With digital integration and machine automation, we continue to craft new processes. We realised that sometimes it is more than just creating new processes, it sometimes requires new environments and behaviours for processes to work or simply to just change the way we do things.

Ultimately, the aim is to discover new ways and opportunities to make our lives easier.


To stay ahead of the pack in an environment with shifting demands,we have well established tools and certified methodologies,which are periodically reviewed for improvements.In particular,for project implementations there is a need to be adaptive and receptive to change. As such,assets are reviewed,constantly improved and even replaced to ensure they are relevant,reliable and practical.


In our global network,we have established close partnerships and continue to deepen and strengthen our relationships to deliver innovative solutions and services.In a dynamic environment,we pursue new partnerships that possess the required domain knowledge to spark powerful momentum in changing the landscape of technology,life and emerging possibilities.


We always talk about how technology impacts life. Technology has continue to reshape our perspective of the world by enabling us to interact with each other physically and virtually.

Today we have transformation that includes machines in our lives. Through data, analytics and emerging technologies such as blockchain, we can design and deliver ways to improve productivity in agriculture and ensure food security, precision and preventive healthcare and medicine, predictive financing offering next-generation trade finance solutions, peer to peer transactions, interactive learning and specialized education, poverty reduction and more.

These notions are no longer a pipe dream and is the next reality for all of us.


We join forces with our clients and see them as partners. Together we share and exchange our skills and experiences to bring out the best in each other.

Together we enhance the quality of our lives on multiple spectrums. Our team is made up of innovative leaders and game changers, constantly getting ahead; driving, influencing and impacting positive change through technology.

As the drivers of change and innovation, we are dedicated to play an important role in the development of “the next generation” of various fields such as agriculture, health care and medicine, financing, education and more.

Let’s make the change. Let’s be DYNAMIK. Together.

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