BKCC Treasure Hunt Rules and Regulation

BKCC Treasure Hunt Rules and Regulation

BKCC Treasure Hunt Rules and Regulation


Rules & Regulations

  1. The objective of the Brunei Kids Can Code April Treasure Hunt is to encourage the club members to complete challenges by working as a team and utilizing their problem-solving skills.
  2. Goal: Find the hidden location of the treasure chest based on the clues available from the Izi.TRAVEL App. Follow the clues it will lead you to the ultimate destination and you might be the winner!
  3. The use of the beca (rickshaw) and bicycles are strictly prohibited during the challenge and will result in disqualification. Only staff members and first aiders are allowed use the beca in case of emergencies.
  4. If you have any existing medical issues such as asthma, heart conditions or are prone to heat stroke, we strongly advise you not to participate in this activity.

Game Play

  1. Each team must be represented by ONE active BKCC member accompanied by two adults aged 16 years old and above. Maximum of four participants are allowed in one group. Parents are highly encouraged to join during the activities. Teamwork makes the dreamwork!
  2. Before the challenge starts, the team members must download the Izi Travel app from Android Playstore or Apple AppStore. Team members must always carry their smartphone with them until end of the game.
  3. The treasure hunt contains a series of questions and activities for team members to complete. The questions consist of coding questions based on their past BKCC January and February activities (hint: Microbit).  So, we encourage for the BKCC members to do their revision first before the event.


  1. Prizes will be awarded during the prize presentation after the game has ended.
    • 1st place prize – Cash prize worth BND150
    • 2nd place prize – Cash Prize worth BND100
    • 3rd place prize – Cash prize worth it BND75
    • Consolation prizes – Two winners (cash prize BND50 each)


  1. It is a pirate- themed game, so we encourage the teams to dress up as Pirates.
  2. Best dressed participants will be given a special prize, even parents, so dress to impress! Prizes for best dressed will be a surprise and will be announced on that day.


  1. Please be on time on the day of the event. The weather might be hot so bring your sunscreen, hat and your water bottle to keep yourself hydrated and protected. In case it rains, bring along with your raincoat.
  2. If extreme weather persists, it will be up to the BKCC committee to decide whether the event will proceed or postpone.
  3. The judges’ decision is final on all matters. Remember to be kind to one another and play fair! We wish you all the best and see you there.