As a student, Dayang Hjh Nurfaezah Hj Emran, (or also known as Hjh Fae to her friends) had never envisioned herself embarking on a career in IT. However, upon graduation, she came to realise that she actually would relish the fast-paced growth and constructive challenges in the cutting edge industry. Thus her journey started with Dynamik Technologies, the leading IT services provider in Brunei.

After years in the team which she now leads, Hjh Fae shared that, “It gives me great satisfaction when clients are able to benefit from our services, knowledge and solutions.Our role is to improve, modify and support clients’ work processes to respond to changing environments, to achieve higher efficiency and productivity with technology. Therefore, our priority is to do our best to meet our clients’ expectations and requirements.”

On her challenges at work, she replied, “Sometimes, we encounter clients who are facing critical issues at hand. This is when we really need to stay calm, motivated and positive, to be able to analyse the root cause of the issues, resolve those immediately and help our clients to resume smooth operations as soon as possible.”

Hjh Fae also credited the dynamic environment at her workplace that helped her to advance further in her chosen field.

“I enjoy being surrounded and supported by highly skilled IT professionals as colleagues and peers, as we learn from each other in order to keep up with the rapid growth of the IT industry in Brunei. Additionally, Dynamik Technologies provide many training and development opportunities which I do my best to attend to further develop my technical, functional and communication skills.” 

Hjh Fae serenely takes on a growing family, a demanding IT career and a commitment to spiritual development, all on her plate. Asked for her advice for working mothers especially in the IT industry, she replied, “On juggling my work, family responsibilities and my passion in being a qariah, I believe there is no magic pill you can take to achieve a proper balance. It is all about being able to set your responsibilities and priorities accordingly.”