Dr Jaya is currently at the main power plant in the country. It has been reported that an unknown virus is attacking Natural and the associated facilities that supplies natural gas to the power plant. This unknown virus is possibly caused by a technical glitch in the legacy system at these LNG facilities.

Sections of the LNG processing facilities are also being affected and are either on high risk of failing or have already been compromised.

The virus has locked down the control room at the LNG plant and employees were unable to enter to put remedial actions in place.

The shortage of gas supply will cause the nation to suffer massive and prolonged power and energy outage estimated to happen within 24 hours.

Due to time constraints, Dr Jaya has entrusted his team of 3 (a data analyst, a system engineer, and an IT infrastructure specialist) to take a top secret mission to crack the password for the control room, eliminate the virus and save the day!

Date: Sunday, 3 March 2019
Time: 8.00 am
Location: Oil & Gas Discovery Centre (OGDC), Seria


Form a Team of 3. Follow Dynamik Technologies Social Media for further updates and announcements.

Participants need to check-in at OGDC by 8 AM.

The fastest 3 teams to unlock the password and eliminate the virus will be the winner, to be announced on the day itself.

Starting Instructions

1. Please ensure you have downloaded GooseChase and Zappar applications (you can find the download link below):

1) GooseChase

2) Zappar

2. Please do not forget to bring your smartphone. (Each team member should bring their own smartphone)
3. Read the mission brief.
4. Go to all checkpoints.
5. Gather clues.
6. Crack and unlock the password.

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Are You Ready For The Challenge?